Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 2 - A

Current Progress
Calories Consumed- 1381
Calories burned - 450

AM - I am sore today! I'm exhausted too. But I feel good. I'm a little hungry, but I should be picking up some good food at the store that will help with that too. YAY for shopping day!!!
PM - My husband and I went to the gym after work. It was a decent time, but any later I wouldn't have had any work out equipment. I did a cross trainer program on the elliptical machine. I figure I would keep doing light impact training until I loose a few pounds. My joints hurt enough as it is. After the elliptical, I did a few strength training until the husband was ready to leave. It was a decent 60 min work out.

As for eating. I think I'm doing great. I need to make sure I eat something at breakfast. It's such a habit not to eat anything until lunch. I'm starving at 10am. I need just a simple granola bar. I'm going to work on that during the next few days.

I would LOVE to start cooking low fat, low cal, high protein meals. I can't believe I need to re-learn how to cook. Well, here's to learning something new!!!

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