Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 11 - A (Thanx to my Hubby)

Calories Consumed - 1260
Calories Burned - 450

I learned something today. People say that you must learn one thing every day. Today I learned that I can't dance like I used to. I went to the gym this morning with my neighbor and as I walked in the Zumba class was starting. My neighbor (being very pregnant) was heading to the water aerobics, so I decided Why Not? HELLO!!! Another something I LOVE. Boy did I stink up the room (figuratively) The steps were difficult and fast. By the time I got the steps, the instructor moved on to the next sequence. Oh well.

I stepped on the scale today. I'm down 6 lbs!!! WAHOO!!!! I'm loving it!!! I even got a compliment from my friend Lisa that my face looked thinner already. Also, I had a decently rough afternoon with my daughter getting car sick, so I asked my husband if he'd get me a beer. He said "Yes" and sat down. I asked why he wouldn't get me a beer, and he stated that it wasn't part of my challenge and I'd have to just drink water. Thanks Hun. Really, Thanks for not letting me cheat. I feel much better that I didn't have it.

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Lesli said...

6 pounds! Good job Lisa! it's so nice to see progress huh!