Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Can you guys tell I'm trying to back into the habit of posting? It's a little hard. Getting out to run isn't hard, but it's half the battle. Being accountable is the hard thing. This blog keeps me accountable. I'm sorry I haven't replied on those blogs that I follow. It'll come soon, I promise.

Thanks for the comments of the few who have. You know they are more than needed!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm glad I'm running again.

I feel better about myself. I LOVE just listening to my music and not worrying about things, even if it's for an hour. Oh yeah, and my ass is already looking better!!!!

I'm definitely happier!!!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Back At It

A little over a month ago I said how excited I was about trying out my new exercise routine with my husband. We are now taking a break after three weeks to re-examine our decision. We started exercising at 5am together. We've been following a low calorie diet (to an extent) and following the exercise routine of Insanity. The question is; How do you like it?

I got this pic from here.

I like it fine. But I'm not overly thrilled. In fact, I'm not entirely happy with it at all. So why did I say that I like it fine? Well, I like getting up early, and I like sharing the time with my husband. Overall, he's getting active, and that's what is most important right now.

So why am I not entirely thrilled? Because I've gained 5lbs since I've stopped running. I'm not blaming that wholly on the exercise routine. Our eating habits have been OK. Not great, and I'm not surprised that I haven't lost any weight. But to gain 5 lbs when we've worked out everyday is definitely telling me that this exercise isn't solely what I need.

Also, If I'm getting my ass out of bed at 5AM, I'd better be seeing some results. So I'm not sure if we are going to quit. In fact, I think my husband and I are going to keep at Insanity, but you can be sure that I'm back to running. Besides, I LOVE getting my "ME" time, and I've sure missed it.