Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 3 - B

Calories Consumed- 1365
Calories Burned - 400

AM (or more like afternoon) - Oh yes, today has been hard. I am so stinking hungry. Part of that is due to the fact that I have been ironing and getting ready for a wedding on Friday so I basically skipped eating until 1pm. But I made a Lean Cuisine Pizza. Only because that's all I have left, I need to get some different kinds. I also decided to make a Green Giant Steamer Broccoli and Cheese. That seriously filled me up. I'm so stuffed now. But I feel great about my choices. I've got to get to the store so that I can get some salad makings, and some whole wheat products so I can have a few substance items too.

Yesterday's Yoga was great! Different instructor and MUCH harder. I'm so sore this morning. I had a little bit of a break down last night. I am the fat one. I'm huge. WTH was I thinking that I'm not that big. I was trying to do stretches at Yoga, and I wasn't getting a very good stretch because my damn fat rolls were getting in the way. I am horrible, and disgusting. It just makes me wanna eat. UGH. But I'm not going to. Dammit. I can do this!!!

So I gave myself a B for today because of my crappy attitude.

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