Monday, February 28, 2011

Day 1 - A

Current Progress
Calories Consumed- 1495
Calories burned - 450

In about 20 min, Day 1 will be in the books. I did great. I kept in my calorie goals and I surpassed my work out goal. I also found a new love. I have wanted to try Yoga for a long time now and I did it today. I went to a 90 min class, and I'm going to keep going. It's hard, and relaxing all rolled into one. It's great! During the last exercise (I have no idea what she called it) we layed on our backs and were relaxing. The instructor came around and put essential oils on each's foreheads. As she did mine I thought, "mmmm, smells like peppermint." and almost instantly my stomach growled. Yeah, It was a bit embarrassing.
So I'm feeling really good, but that's nothing new. The first day of anything has never been the hardest for me. It's the third, fourth, and fifth day that get to me. So I need to keep my focus. Right now it's time to sleep. Night all!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 0 - Challenge Accepted

I decided I needed a goal. I've sat on my butt for too long, and it's time I worked for something. So I have challenged myself into changing my life. Starting with a strict 30 day challenge. And today I've accepted that challenge. I'm doing this for me!!! I know that I can lose the weight, I've done it before, but more importantly I need to find myself again.
My husband and I signed up for the local Rec Center. It's FULL of everything we need to get in shape. Everything except a decent day care system. But I think I have figured that situation out. Besides, not having a sitter is NO excuse to find 60 min everyday doing something good for ME. There are many avenues and options I can follow.  So, tonight is my last night trying unsuccessfully to use couch osmosis. I will revel in it and take as much advantage as I can, because tomorrow I begin.
I have listed the basic rules, and a simple tracker. I hope that I see many people helping me stay motivated.