Saturday, March 26, 2011

Day 25 Thursday - B

Calories Consumed - 1600
Calories Burned - 461

You know I haven't been doing so great in the last couple of days. The whole snacking attitude has come back stronger than ever. Thursday wasn't so bad, but I had a very late night on Thursday and my husband helped take some edge off by bring home dinner. He brought home some Chinese. I LOVE Chinese, and I didn't stuff myself, but I'm thinking I went over 1600 calories even though that's what I counted out. It was nice not having to do any dinner though.

I did get Zumba in during my morning. YAY!! I love Zumba, it's so much fun, and so hard. I don't sweat as much as when I go to Zumba. I'm still fat, and still suck at it, but I'm doing better.

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