Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 14 - B

Calories Consumed - 1286
Calories Burned - 0

WOW, two weeks!!!! I've been doing this for two weeks!!! I'm so happy!!

So, today was ok. I had Apple Bee's for lunch and had a Half Oriental GRILLED Chicken Salad. I probably should have had the dressing on the side since that's where most of the calories are from. But it was VERY good!!!! The reason it was a B day was because I had a beer while I was cleaning out the car. AND, for dinner I had some popcorn with some slight seasoning. Not bad, but  not the best. Oh and I had a Girl Scout Cookie!!!

Unfortunately we didn't get to the gym today. I really wanted to take the girls swimming. Hopefully soon!!!!

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Lesli said...

great job Lisa! 2 weeks is great!