Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 29 Monday A

Calories Consumed - 1280
Calories Burned - 442

Oh WOW, yesterday's Yoga was very intense!! The A/C was not working so it was extremely hot in the room. I was sweating buckets. It was an intense workout and I LOVE that!! I wish that Yoga worked out my core more. Since having a trainer after my 2nd knee surgery, I've always been very strong in my core (even if it's covered with a flat tire) so I've had to do my own exercises for that area. Oh well, Maybe I'm doing something a little wrong too. You never really know.

As for eating. I couldn't have done better. The only snacks I had was just after I worked out, I had a handful of trail mix. I know it's late, but I feel that it's important to eat after exercising, and DARN IT I was hungry!!!

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