My Story

I've always thought of myself as a woman beyond typical. In many ways I am the average woman with two kids, a husband, and a household. But I am so far beyond that. I ride a motorcycle and in that community I'm known as HOOT. I am a hoot. I'm one of those people with a contagious personality. When I'm happy, I seem to rub off on people. But when I'm upset, there's a definite dullness around me. Outwardly, I love who I am. But upon a closer look, you will find someone who struggles with inner conflicts.

I was blessed with struggling with my father's joints. Let's just say that growing up, my childhood Dr was a Surgeon. I blew out my knee at the age of 12, and my shoulder at 21. I've gone through many surgeries, but oddly enough all my problems are on my left side. Broken left elbow, blown out left knee, dislocated left shoulder, and now sciatica on my left side. I have very loose joints and all my problems seem to stem from difficulties from that. I could probably go on for pages about how my various small injuries seem to keep adding up and all revolve around how loose my joints are. But let's just save us time and say - I'm accident prone, and injury prone. I get hurt often, and pretty bad. BLAH! DONE!

I've struggled with depression slightly throughout my life. I'm not sure exactly why, but once I finally realized what I was going through I have been able to help resolve it. After my first daughter was born, that slight depression just overwhelmed me. There were some very dark times. I got medicated, and I hated every moment of it. I'm not sure if the medication made me happier, but it definitely helped my patience and helped me overcome the dark moments. After my second daughter was born I went on medication right away, and soon came off. I struggle everyday, but I'm very lucky that I'm able to work through my depression naturally now. I still have some dark moments, but they dont' last, and I've found ways to overcome them.

At the beginning of 2011 my husband and I were ecstatic to finally be expecting our third baby. But soon after we found out we were expecting, we found out we lost our baby. I wasn't that far along, but it was devastating after wanting for so long. I was determined NOT to drop into a dark time again. So I focused on myself and started this personal challenge.

Here's to time for me! Here's to time for my health! Here's to learning a new and healthier routine! and, Here's to teaching what I've learned to my family!!