Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 12 - B

Calories Consumed - 1250
Calories Burned - 400

Today I was with a sick kiddo, so my plans got rearranged. I wasn't able to head to the gym as I thought I'd do, but instead I went out for a little jog. My neighbor watched Ki, and she was feeling pretty good then, but once she got home, she started the whole "poor pitiful baby" thing. She's got a full on cold. I'm really happy that I did get a short run in.

I REALLY wanted a chicken salad sandwich, and I counted up the calories. I was pretty happy that I could make it with very little light Miracle Whip, mustard, a couple of finely crushed cashews and a  few finely chopped dried cherries. All this put on reduced calorie bread. The total came out to only 360 calories. Keeping the calories down meant that I had to keep the Miracle Whip to a minimum, and I'd rather have it more moist, but you gotta give up some things.

The reason today is a B day is because my wonderful husband came home with some Diet Pepsi. I had a glass. Yes I did. It is very good. I only had one glass, and I cherished it slowly. Sorry I cheated, but it had no calories, and for a Friday night, it was a great treat.

Also, according to my exercise tracker, I'm surprised that my 2 mile jog was 416 calories. It might have been lower, so I wanted to keep my calories down today.

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