Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Ok, so we'll start out with the question; Did you keep up with your new healthy habits while on your trip to Montana? My answer is NO! HAHAHAHAHA. Actually, when I look back on it I can honestly say that I did take advantage of the vacation and I ate quite poorly. HOWEVER, I can also honestly say that these last few months have had a positive impact on the way I ate during this vacation.

My husband and I have a very bad habit of scarfing down sunflower seeds whenever we are on vacation. I'm talking pretty constantly. The calories in the seeds aren't actually SO bad, but the salts and preservatives are gruesome! I am still thirsty! Ugh, got some water retention going on I think. Other than that, yes, I did take advantage of the carbs, and the fried food. If I kept eating how was eating this weekend, I'd put back on all the weight I've lost in no time at all. But since I'm back into my environment, I don't think it will affect me too much. I did get out on a 3 mile jog Friday. It was really hard because it was over rolling hills and I'm used to a decently flat trail. Guess that means I need to change up my routine a bit hu?

Well, onto some pics and what we did. I told you a few days ago that my parent's house in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana is my 2nd favorite place in the whole world. Look at these views, wouldn't you love to be there?

We made campfires and had smores,

Helped Grandpa mow the lawn

Papa and Grandma bought us some bikes, so we got to enjoy them ALL WEEKEND!!

This is my favorite pic - Me and my Girls (ok, we were growling)

So, we traveled about 1200 miles this weekend, but had fun. *sigh, back to reality now.


Jess gave me an awesome award!!!! YAY!! Thank you Jess. I have *known Jess for so long, we were a part of an internet comunity when our girls were born. We went through that process together, and I'm SO STINKING happy that she's here with me during this journey.  Visit her blog at http://projectgetthin.blogspot.com/

So, she gave me;
The rules are as follows;
Thank the blogger who gave the award to you,
Tell 7 things about yourself
Pass the award on (to 15 people)

SO, Thank you Jess!!! You know you are amazing!!

7 Things about me;
1) I really need to clean this computer, UGH, it's so stinking dirty
2) I LOVE MOJITOS!!!!! *insert picture of Homer Simpson  drooling*
3) I have a love/hate relationship with my garden. I love to plant it, and I hate to maintain it.
4) I swam competitively all my life until I dislocated my shoulder snowboarding and now it's painful to try to race.
5) I need to touch up my dye job. I recently went blond, and now my roots are VERY BAD!
6) I HATE taking the garbage out. For the time my shoulder was hurt, and for a while after surgery, I could not lift the big garbage can lid without a lot of pain. This resulted in a complete hatred of me taking out the garbage.
7) I work VERY hard to obtain those things I can't ever have.

Ok, and to pass it on - I know I'm supposed to pass on to 15 people, but I'm only going to pass it on to a few.
Candy and Kankles
Happy Family, Healthy Family
There's a Skinny Chick in here Somewhere
My waist Loss Journey

That's it. I'm not sure if you've had this award yet or not, but you know you are motivation to me.

Monday, May 30, 2011


OK PEOPLE! Just a quick check in. After this weekend and 1200 miles, I'm home!!! WAHOO! You can bet that I'm not going to take too much time here right now. I'm going to plop myself down in front of the TV, put the kids to bed, and veg for a while. We had a great weekend, but it's always nice to be home. I'll be checking in with everyone in the morning. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Those that traveled, I hope you drive safe, and if you're already home, I hope everything went well. For those that didn't travel, I hope you made the best of your weekend!!!

Remeber those who purchased and paid for our freedom.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well, Like everything I say, there's a story to this, so hold on to your coffee, here we go.

After my oldest was born (almost 4 years ago) I was in a very dark time. I was going through some serious Post Partum Depression. However, I didn't know it. When AJ (my oldest, yes, she has many names) was a couple months old I HAD to come visit my parents. I had to get away, I needed a little bit of help, and I was constantly angry. While I was here, I got on my parent's elliptical machine. You wouldn't believe this, but as I was exercising on the machine, one of the welds broke. Can you imagine? A depressed, angry, first time mother just wanting to get some weight off (I was only 180 at the time) breaking the weld of anything? In my head, my weight just ballooned up to about 750 lbs. I HATED myself already, and now I was disgusted with everything.

I decided to run outside along the road. I wasn't quite a quarter of a mile from the house, and I tripped and rolled my ankle. My knee slammed up against a rock, and I skidded some on the dirt road. I came back to the house bawling and bloodied. I spent the next three hours sitting in the shower crying.

After that, I went straight to the Dr and got on some medication to help me through that time. I didn't need much, and I didn't need it for very long, but I did need help. If I hadn't beat the crap out of myself that day, I don't know what would have happened.

SO - On Friday I decided to head out for a run. I figured that since I've been eating more than usual, I at least needed to get out once and run. On my way home I passed the spot on the dirt road where almost 4 years ago I had tripped. I had the biggest smile on my face. I remember how broken I was then, and how amazing I am now. I have come a very long way.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday and Weigh-In

I was so scared to step on the scale this morning. I had a dream last night that I was on Operation Repo, except instead of repo'ing a car, it was with weight. You know how these people go to repo a vehicle, and the owner gets all pissed. I just wanna ask them, "Seriously? What did you think was going to happen, the bank was going to say, 'hey, no worries about paying, KEEP THE CAR!'" I think it's hillarious how the owners are all pissed when they know what's comming. Anyway, in my dream I was visited by the Repo Team and they DEMANDED me to step on the scale. I stepped on, (everyone surrounding me with arms folded, all tough) and knowing my eating habits this past week my weight was 5 lbs heavier (in the dream). So I started screaming and swearing at the Repo Team like I didn't know it was going to happen. Every single one of them were standing with their arms folded, and Froy was holding Matt back. FUNNY

So, this morning, when I was ACTUALLY about to step on the scale, I started laughing. My weight last week was 177.4.
This week's weight was 176.8. I'M SHOCKED!!!! I'm so happy the scale is moving in the right direction, even after eating so much last week. I am totally happy for  loss of about half a pound.

Right now, I'm at my parent's house in Hamilton Montana. This is my 2nd favorite place on earth. I'll post some pics, and visit with you all later. I gotta talk to my mommie and daddie. LOVE THIS PLACE!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sun Block

I don't know how many times I stress about making sure you have sunblock. I'm so white, I don't tan, I burn. I learned early, the hard way, to always sun block every spot of skin I have. I didn't want my little girls to learn the hard way. The girls had sitters last Saturday and I was in such a hurry I didn't put sunblock on them. So I'm pissed at myself because I KNOW BETTER than to leave such a thing as important as that to someone else. I'm also pissed because I GAVE THE SITTERS the sunblock and reminded them to reapply. I also reminded them to MAKE SURE YOU GET THE TOPS OF THE EARS!!!

Both my girls (3 and 2 years old) are blistered, and lobster red. This is my 2 year old's ear.

I don't know how else I can say this:


Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Ok, First of all. BLOGGER, I thought we've had this talk. I haven't been able to login at all today. I've been going crazy with my thoughts and ideas, and now I've lost it all because of being frustrated. UGH, Oh well though. Please don't keep me out!!! HEHE. I'll be ok though.

I guess I need to do some thanking. Thank you to Grace at Wannabeformer Fatgirl . That sweet thing gave me an awesome award.

The rules of the award:

-Thank the person who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post.
-Tell us 10 things about yourself.
-Nominate your bloggers.
-Contact these bloggers, and let them know they received this award.

So, Thank you Grace.  You Rock!!!

10 Things about me;
(ooh, this is hard because I don't keep much from people)
1) My riding name is HOOT. That's because "she's a hoot!" comes out of people's mouths when they meet me.
2) I've got two Chihuahuas. Lady Bug is around 9 years old, and is my first FurBaby. Hemi is only 3, and he's definitely spoiled.
3) I was diagnosed with PTSD when I was involved in MANY accidents during one crazy winter. My brother was driving each time. I've overcome, but sometimes have bad moments. Crazy stuff for a teen when just driving hu?
4) I HATE carpet. It always gets so dirty, and I don't notice it until it makes me ill just looking at it. (I really need to vacuum now too)
5) I sometimes check out skinny girls because I want to look like them.
6) We only have one crappy car right now. We're in the process of paying off debt, and sold all our vehicles. (except our bikes, and one needed car)
7) I have no patience. I have a lot more than I used to, but it's still pretty bad.
8) I decorate weddings because I secretly want a REAL one. We got married in Vegas.
9) I have a Sleep Number Bed, and my side always goes flat. Them dummies won't even replace it!!! STUPID BED.
10) I have a Monroe. (it's the piercing named after Marilyn Monroe because of her famous upper lip mole) - I added a pic for you Karen!!

Now for my Nominations;
Ms Thunder Thighs
Sweet Pea

I decided to only nominate a few people because These three ladies were with me from MY beginning. They got me into all my challenges, and have really helped me from then until now. THANK YOU!!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Wall and Fitblogger.

UGH!!! I think I'm going to rip my hair out!!! I'm stuck. Not failing with working out, but with eating. I'm not eating bad, but I'm snacking. And when I start snacking, I don't stop. This is the biggest reason I'm in the situation right now. Right now I'm somewhere between 1500 and 2000 calories for today. I ate an entire box of reduced fat Wheat Thins -1170 calories. Yep, that's right! I'm going to stick to a simple salad at dinner, but it doesn't take back what I did. If this was one time that I did it, then it wouldn't be a big deal, but SUNDAY-over eat, SATURDAY -over eat, FRIDAY -over eat. Let's just stop there.  UGH!!! So, what do I do? I've completely lost my will power and self control. Honestly, I kind of feel disgusted with myself. Tonight I have YOGA (YAY!!!!) so maybe I can do some self reflection.

I'm really emotional right now. I'm in what is called the TWO WEEK WAIT. The time between you ovulate and when you can get a positive pregnancy test. When you've been trying for a baby for so long, this time is EXTREMELY stressful. But it is no reason for over eating. Also, I found out this weekend that a dear friend's young (17 year old) daughter is now expecting. Just another hit in the gut it feels. Why did MY baby have to go when there are so many that don't need/want them? It's not fucken fair! Don't get me wrong, that young woman will be a great mother, and she's got a wonderful family. But I can't say that I'm not jealous.

Alright, enough about that. Here's my FITBLOGGER info -
How'd I do last week? OK! I got a TON of water down, even if it wasn't totally my goal, but I did get a decent amount in my tummy each and every day. YAY.
What's my goal for this week? After these last few days I think it would be appropriate to have the goal of NOT OVER SNACKING. With my food schedule, it's important that I have at least 1 snack in the afternoon, but usually it's a high protein or fiber bar (less than 100 calories). It just helps me get through until dinner.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

MY MyTrak

A few weeks ago I entered into a blog Fitblogger Challenge. I was lucky enough to have won an M2 Lifestyle Activity Coach. I received it on Friday, and have been using it for three days now. My overall decision on the M2 is AWESOME!!!!

I love it! I really do! I love seeing the thing turn from Red to Green as I reach my goals. Ok, I know that after 7 days it will adjust my goals and everything, so I'm looking forward to that. There are still a few things that I need to figure out. Such as why I always have a Yellow light for my heart health. I'm wondering if it's always like that if you don't have the heart monitor strap. Also, I haven't played much with the program so I haven't figured out how to change my calorie intake in order to see my calorie differential. SO, I have to still figure all that out. However, I love it!!!  I'm so happy to have received it. Thank you Fitblogger and Rita at Fitblogger!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The good, the bad, the weight.

The Good; Not bad, just over a pound down from last week! I'LL TAKE IT.

The Bad; My wonderful husband was out of town last night, so that means that I splurged on my food. Ugh, but I was impressed with my body. I could barley eat a 1/4 of the crap that I used to. My stomach said NO for me. The really bad part was that I did it knowingly. I knew my weigh-in was today, and I kept telling myself NOT to eat those Jalapeno Poppers, Don't stick those cheese and crackers in your mouth. And I did it. So that means I'll be restarting my ticker. DARN.

The Weight; 177.4 WAHOO!!! I'm getting there people!!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Coutesy and Poo on the Shoo

First let's talk about courtesy. How many of you do activities outdoors? And, do you pass others who are enjoying their outdoor activities? I LOVE running on the running path about a 1/4 mile away from my house. I pass many other runners, bikers, walkers, and day jont-ers. I do my best to give a little smile and wave at those I pass. I figure they are out there enjoying themselves and working hard and a little encouragement can always go a long way. Well, I've had a tremendous variety of reactions. Some people smile and wave, some people look away, some just ignore. I've actually had a couple of people roll their eyes and mumble under their breath. I assume they were mumbling toward me since they were looking right at me. Not sure if what I was wearing offended them, or just me being in their way. I've even had one guy turn around and tell me (after I took out my head phones) he loved my tattoo.
Out of all the reactions I have received while running, there is one that sticks out in my mind; I had just started jogging/walking, and it was obvious that I was struggling. I passed a woman who had obviously been running for some time. I gave a small smile and small wave. She responded with a HUGE smile and a resounding, "You're doing amazing!!!" I'm not sure how she knew it, but that was the encouragement that I needed. It helped me finish my jog, and it still helps motivate me to this day. So now every time I pass people on the path I do my best to give them a genuine smile and a little encouragement.

As for Poo on the Shoo; During my run today, I almost stepped in a HUGE pile of doggie poo. I noticed it at the last second and was able to stubble around it. But there was one person that wasn't so lucky. That unlucky poo covered sole had laid a messy, squishy path quite a ways down the path. I had to wonder to myself, "Was it one of those who rolled their eyes at me?"

Oh, and here's a little give-a-way at: Forward Foot Strides, Ends today so get entered!!!!

Routine & Fitblogger

Are you one of those people that thrive on routine? I know I am!!! I have got to stick to a schedule in order to make sure that 1) I don't spend too much time on the computer, and 2) I get everything done. But this week has already been CRAZY!!!

If you don't know by now, I decorate weddings. We had a wedding yesterday (Tuesday) that was just NUTS! It was supposed to be a simple outdoor wedding, but due to the rain, it was moved into a tent. Tent weddings are HORRIBLY time consuming. We ended up decorating the tent Monday night (YOGA NIGHT) and all day Tuesday. I'm talking 8am to 5pm. It turned out beautiful though. You can see some pics here. So, after all that, my wonderful husband left today for work, and won't be home until late Thursday night (No YOGA tonight either). Then he has to work inventory on Friday, so won't be home, and I have a wedding Saturday again. SO, I get to see my husband.....NEXT WEEK! And my routine- totally out the window. UGH, that's ok, I'll work through it.

How did I do on my FITBLOGGER? Not too good. This week I was supposed to focus on Water Intake. I really wanted to focus on this because when I'm decorating the weddings, I Definitely don't get enough water. And I didn't do so great. UGH. So, guess what. I'm not going to add anything this week. I've done OK with my vitamins, OK with my Sun Salutations, Not so good with a positive attitude. I've been so busy, and my poor little ones. I've got to find my patience again. So, that's it, I'm going to keep with the same goals I've already established. I've got a lot to focus on.

Monday, May 16, 2011

MY body

I've seen some great weight loss. I'm very proud of myself, but I look in the mirror, and I don't see a difference. If it wasn't for those NSV's I would think that my scale was broken. I have to say that this is starting to worry me. Not that I'm going to stop my journey, but that I'm never going to be happy with my body. This tells me something, my brain needs to be adjusted!!! I've redesigned my eating habits, and reprogrammed my brain about what I eat. So, why can't I do that with what I see in the mirror?

I'm not loosing this weight for anyone but me. I like looking good. I like feeling good. I've already have a TON less pain in my joints, and my sciatica has actually decreased tremendously. I'm sitting here at the "tween" stage of my process. I'm between where I was and where I want to be. My clothes don't look very good on me. They are now either too big, or still too small. This is good, this is where I want to be right now. I'm on my way to get back into my smaller clothes. I will look at what I'm proud of in the mirror, and not what I THINK needs to change. I can do this!!!! I'm the LION!!!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Rant

Sorry all, I got something swimming in my head and I can't seem to let it go.

Last night we went to a birthday party for a friend, and many of us (well, most) ride motorcycles, and are from the same Riding Club. Long story short, a dear friend had one crappy day!!! It ended with one of the kids dumping an entire mixed drink all over this woman's leather's (HUGE NO NO). That little girl freaked and ran off. I found her, helped her clean it up, and helped her apologize correctly to this woman. The girl was about 8, and very shy, so she was crying, but did great. The little girl gave her a huge hug, and it was ok. But I tell you what, that would have pissed me off something fierce. And, unfortunately, it didn't sit well with this woman either. Something else happened, that I REALLY have no idea about, but this woman (after having such a crappy day) took off in a huff. She jumped on her bike and TRIED to speed away. In the process of TRYING to speed away. She hit the MY BIKE!  She hit the handle bars which swung the front forks around. I hang my helmet on the 'other side' of the bars, and I have rhinestones all over my helmet. My helmet came crashing into my tank and the rhinestones took a bunch of paint, and now I have a little dent (ANY DENT IS MAJOR). And, she almost got creamed by traffic cause she pulled out in front of a bunch of cars. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I'm pissed about my bike (and that's what eating me up), but I'm trying to be a bigger person. I called her last night after we were home, I said nothing about my bike, I just asked to make sure she was home, and I told her that I luved her. I really hope I opened the door to her apologizing to me, and she knows that it will be ok. (Trust me, I'll get over my bike. I love it, but it's a hunk of metal that can be replaced.) The most important thing is that she's ok. I don't know what I'd do if she didn't make it home last night.

That's another thing that's eating me up. We already put ourselves in so much danger on bikes. I watched YESTERDAY some idiot on a cell phone push my husband to the shoulder of the road when he changed lanes without looking. WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU PURPOSEFULLY PUT YOURSELF AND OTHERS IN SUCH DANGER!!! Especially when pissed, or wrecked, or any other mental state. That shit don't fly around me!

Moral of the Rant: Shit happens. Everyone has shit. (this woman has had her fair share of a few people's shit) But you can't get pissed and peel off. You deal with it, and you move foward. More shit will happen when you act recklessly in your anger. I figure you got two decisions in your life. 1) You live it, and you get through it. 2) NOT A GODDAMN OPTION.  There you have it! Shit happens, you get through it.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Make Up post for Thursday (weigh-in)

Looks like my original post about my progress is back, You can find it HERE.


Dear Blogger,
How's a woman supposed to catch up on her peep's when you're down for so long? I was seriously going through withdrawls. I understand the maintenence thingy, but you just can't be down for that long again. Seiously! If there's ever a time where you need to be down for such a length of time, you have my email, Please check my schedule.
Thank you

So I have HOURS worth of catching up to do. So if I miss you, I'm sorry. I hope everyone's past couple of days have been great!!

My body has just done a complete shut down today. I'M EXHASTED!!! I went for a jog this morning, and it was like jogging through mud. UGH, what a struggle! That's ok. I'm done, and I got through it. I think that my body just needs a rest. It has been through the ringer the past couple of weeks. Not to mention I'm only three months out from a D&C, and that's a major surgery. Let's not even start to mention the homonal imbalances the D&C and Misscarriage causes. So, I guess this came at a great time. Tomorrow I'm decorating a wedding. Even through it's hard work, it's extended work and not a TON of output all at once. Then I'll relax on Sunday, and get back into things on Monday. That will give my body some good rest it needs wants.

Now, onto reading my OTHER blogs!!!

Thursday, May 12, 2011

This week's Verdict....

IS AWESOME!!! Ok, before I tell you what my "official weight" is. I have to tell you a small story. (seriously, small) I had some severe water retention when pregnant with Aislynn (my oldest). I was ALMOST pre-e. But with that, and the fact that I didn't watch ANYTHING I ate, my weight sky-rocketed. My post-Aislynn weight was right around 188, and the lowest I've ever seen (Post-Aislynn) was 183. So, today's weight is......


That's right people! I get to mark off my goal of 15 lbs lost!!! I have finally seen the 170's. I'm the lightest I've been in 4 years. I'm well on my way to the 160's. And in 3 more pounds I get to post a new pic of me. You are also right to remember that's about a 4 lb weight loss since last week. Am I starving myself? NO. My female things have been doing some crazy things since I miscarried, and I'm really hoping I'm seeing the end of that. Tonight, I think I'm going to treat myself to a drink. A make-shift Mojito, One of my summer favorites. (Make-shift cause it's not made correctly- Diet Mtn Dew, and Mojito mix with the liquor already mixed in. OR non liquored mix if you're a non drinker. WAY GOOD!!!)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My name is not Virginia

And I do not wear high heals when I'm exercising.

 - HAHA, I've been waiting to say that for a while now.

The truth is that I'm the kind of person who likes to do nice things for people, and I like to accomplish things for myself. BUT, I do not like to do thing anonymously. I honestly think it's a great thing for everyone to do things for others, and if you can step back without being aknowledged, then you are a very blessed person. I'm not like that. I like to take credit.

So here I sit, I've lost a decent amount of weight, and I haven't had anyone say anything. I'm down *almost* (hopefully to change soon) 15 lbs, and 2 pants sizes. I haven't heard anyone say, "hey you look good, have you lost weight?" OK OK. So I'm hoping that if I post this, then maybe I'll get a few comments. You know that's how it works. It always does. *fingers crossed*

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Update and Fitblogger

So, how did I do this weekend?
Yeah, not so great. But really not bad either. I worked my butt off on weddings on Friday and Saturday. For example of how much I work my butt off. I average 10 miles of walking  during a small wedding. The most I've seen is actually a 15 mile walking day due to a wedding. (yes I try to keep a pedometer on me)  I didn't do bad eating, but I didn't worry about counting my calories. I just tried to stay away from most foods. AND, I messed up and some drinks on Saturday. POO! I really wanted to try to stay away from it this month. Funny thing is that I didn't even think of my challenge. I can't do much about it now. But I have got to get focused again.

I stepped on the scale this morning to see if I messed up my entire week, and I saw a number that makes me really excited for Thursday's weigh in. I'm not going to tell you because it's not official, but if I'm good, I'll be seeing one of my goals. I'm not at the goal yet, but I'm close, and I REALLY want to see a certain number on Thursday. *fingers crossed*

So, how did I do this week? Can I just say AWESOME!!!! GO ME! GO ME! GO! GO! GO ME!
That's right I did great. I took my vitamins every day!! Every time I wanted to scream at my kids I just thought of how much I love them, and it made things easier to deal with. (well, they have attitudes like me, so sometimes it's a little crazy around here) So that was good. I did a few Sun Salutations during the week. I even started to do them during the day when my kids were driving me nuts! They like to try to do them with me, and it's very cute and funny. Sure does help with the entire "dealing with the temper tantrums" much easier!!! Oh yeah, and the kid's Temper Tantrums too. HAHAHAHA

So, the big question now comes down to; What am I going to add this week?
I really think I'm going to add another very simple, and yet very important goal for this week. I've got the Positive attitude, I've got the Vitamins, and now I'm adding the WATER. That's right. I need to drink three of my large jugs full of water every day. I know this is simple, but it's very important to me, and I don't think I've been drinking enough water lately. My biggest downfall is sweet tea. YUMMY!!! I use  Stevia as my sweetener (0 cal, and natural) and I've switched to decaf tea because I need to stay away from caffeine. So it's not bad, but I need to focus on my water intake.

So there it is. Adding my simple goal for this week. YAY!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful Mothers out there.

I got to enjoy my weekend with a barbecue last night, breakfast was made for me this morning. A couple of great girls gave me "the day off" by taking my little ones to the movies this afternoon while I watched a movie at curled up under blankets on the couch. SO NICE! The best part of my day was standing in the hot shower just soaking in the quiet and not being interrupted once. AAAHHH! I loved it. I want to share a pic of my beautiful little girls. Kilynn Cooper is 2 years old, and  Aislynn Jean is 3.

Just a little while ago, the young lady who watches my girls while I decorate weddings stopped by and gave me an album. Seems that she's been taking pics of my girls while she watches them to give me an incredible surprise. Here's a couple of pictures of the pictures she took. - BTW, best Mother's Day gift EVER!!!

Friday, May 6, 2011


If you are getting to know me, let me share another thing about me. I usually don't give a rollin' doughnut. The truth is that I'm blunt, and forward, and not always worried if people care for me. HOWEVER, I do my best to make sure that I am respectful, and if I can't say something nice, then I'll keep my mouth closed. (see, I do listen to my mother). So when my friend asked me to help her start loosing weight, I was shocked! I'm not an inspiration to many people, and I truthfully don't strive to be one. But when she told me how proud she was of me, and how she wanted needed to become healthy, I was so proud (for lack of better words) of what I've accomplished.  So, I downloaded a food and exercise tracker to her phone. And got her on a track. Then last night her and I walked the park next to her house. I was very happy to help her out, and to share what I've learned.

Calories Consumed 1601
Calories Burned 495

I had a decent lunch of a Bajio Salad - 550 calories, with dressing -120. and for dinner my wonderful husband brought home a taco pizza that was on special. I found another pizza on my counter that counted what I ate to be about 931 calories. So I took it. Sounds good to me.

As for exercising, I went to Zumba in the morning. YAY!! I love zumba. We did some incredibly hard songs. BABY was I sweating. Then my 30 min walk with my friend in the afternoon added a few more calories burned. It really turned into a great day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011



Thank you to Thunder Thighs For this awesome reward!!! The rules:

• Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you

• Share seven things about yourself

• Award your favorite bloggers and tell them you have done it.

So, thank you so much Just Call Me Thunder Thighs!! I Love your blog!!
(seriously, I had this all done, so now I gotta do this again.)

My 7 Things about me
1) I'm so beyond politically correct. I'm the biker chick! Down to my tattoos and poor language.
2) I rely on social interaction. It's like I can't survive without people and friends.
3) I HATE the area I live. I'd do almost anything to be able to move.
4) I'm deathly afraid of bears. I'm talking crying and pee'ing my pants when I see one on TV
5) My greatest fear is loosing one of my kids, I check on them many times a night to make sure they are still breathing.
6) I have a fetish for handbags. I would have a fetish for shoes, but I refrain from those because I have no style.
7) I have no style. I'm that lady who goes out in public in Jammas or sweats.

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Thursday weight day

My weigh-in today was 183.2. That's .8 for the week. If you can't tell by my non-challant writing of the info, I'm not too impressed. I didn't expect anything really different. I'm happy that I got a loss, and I did pretty decent. Especially since I went "strict" just three days ago. But I messed up yesterday.

Yesterday was C3D3, Wednesday, and my beloved Yoga Night. Well, my wonderful husband has been doing a P90X routine at work. And, he's only been eating a cup or so of cottage cheese during the day. I said he was wonderful, not always very smart (LUV YOU BABE). So, I know this will shock you, but he came home very sick. Well, if you are used to eating a BUTT LOAD of calories, then start a very extreme workout, and only give yourself about 250 calories a day, what do you think is going to happen? He came home so exhausted he was sick. I made him a good home cooked meal, to replenish the calories (yes, healthy still, but a little more calories than I like to eat now-a-days). I gave him some cold medicine and tucked him into bed. AJ, my 3 year old, has a nasty ear infection, so she got some special treatment. Ki, my 2 year old, got some special treatment last night because everyone else was, and she's so damn cute. SO I didn't go to my beloved Yoga class. It was ok, life happens, but I was a bit bummed out.

Since I was bummed out, what did I do? I made my favorite snack; CHEESY POPCORN!!! YUMMY. I'm so embarrassed. I did it telling myself not to because today was weigh-in day. Can we say Self Sabotage? Once again, I have to restart my ticker. Oh well I guess.

So, this morning, after weighing myself, and hoping I saw the 182's, I went straight upstairs and tossed my popcorn. Why have it if I'm only going to shove loads of if down my gullet? Problem solved.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting better

C3 D2

Calories Consumed - 1950
Calories Burned -  460

I forgot to mention yesterday about how I felt in Yoga on Monday. Actually I was very surprised by the reflection I saw in the mirror. I saw a very sleek (even if I saw a little bit of roundness in the belly), and strong silhouette. I have a really beautiful long neck, and I couldn't believe it, but I even saw the shadow of my jaw line. I felt extremely graceful, and beautiful. What a turnaround from the first time I went to Yoga. I was (and really still am) the biggest woman in the room, and I felt like it. But now I don't. I have incredible flexibility and strength, that I can out-pose many of those thinner women. So, being fat doesn't really mean you're not healthy, strong, or beautiful.

Now, on to yesterday. - What a great day in itself. BEAUTIFUL weather (for the most part). I took a good little jog and it felt nice. I was able to push myself to run faster. I haven't been able to do that yet. So far it's just about getting the three miles down. But yesterday I realized that I have been literally sitting back in my heals and kind of slumping through the runs. Yesterday, when I realized I was doing this, I pushed myself to speed up my legs. It felt so good that I was singing while I was running. LOVE IT!

Then, I brought out the motorcycle to ride into Salt Lake City to meet with our Riding Club and see my wonderful husband. I noticed something I didn't like on my way down. I was a little unsteady at the slower speeds. I realized that I had eaten less than 500 calories before getting on the bike. NOT GOOD. My balance was off. So at the meeting I decided to get some calories in me, and I did a slight indulgence in some nachos. OK, I could have eaten something a little healthier, but I needed some substance and weight to help me balance. And, even though the nachos were high calorie, I kept myself under 2000 calories for the day, so I'll take it. Summary: yes, my calories were high, but I needed it, and next time I'll eat a sandwich before riding so I don't have to worry about how I feel on the bike. But I did get my run in, and I'm planning to do an extra run today to help burn some of those calories off.

I have to say, by the time we got home, my little girls were asleep in bed. My two year old little Ki woke us up at 1am just to tell us she loves us and to give us kisses. Then she ran back to bed. It was the most adorable thing ever.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

C3 D1

Just in case anyone is wondering, that title would be; Challenge 3 Day 1.  *WINK*

Calories Consumed - 1183
Calories burned - 412

Who's got two thumbs and kicked ass on her diet and exercise yesterday?


Yeppers, i did great! I'm actually really impressed with myself. WHY couldn't I have acted like this in the last couple of weeks? Well, I made an excellent dinner - I marinated a couple small pieces of chicken in milk, put them in my stoneware cooker and into the over with a few spices on them. I sauteed some onions in a little bit of EVOO, some garlic, and some basil. Steamed some asparagus until tender but with a slight crisp. I poured the sauteed onions and it's little bit of oil over the asparagus, and served it all. YUMMY!!!! Pretty healthy dinner.

I really didn't feel like going to Yoga, and I was in the middle of talking myself OUT of going when my neighbor called (who rides with me to her gym class) and told me she was too tired to go to the gym tonight. I could not believe we were thinking the same things, and there was no way I was going to let her skip, so there was no way I could skip. It was a really great class and I enjoyed it very much. SO glad I went. It was nice and slow, and deep, with an incredible amount of time spent of stretching. That's exactly what I needed.

After class I had to stop at the store for 1 item. I put the item on the belt to check out as the clerk asked how I was doing tonight. I looked at him, looked down at my box of tampons, and back at him. The poor young man turned 14 shades of red as I said, "you tell me."Oh he was so embarrassed. Hey, I couldn't let that timing go, sorry. Don't worry all, we all laughed at it since it was so stinking funny.

I had given myself a bribe to go to Yoga. I told myself that when I got home I'd make myself a yummy smoothy. Oh YAY, I was SO looking forward to that. I had it all mixed up, in a cup in my hand, I took my first drink, and YUCK! It was terrible. It was grainy, gritty, and most unappetizing. So, down the drain with that. I was a bit disappointed because I  had saved the calories and was planning on it. Oh well, I guess. Another day, and another type.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Fitblogger Update

I guess it's time to update this week on my Fitblogger progress. This week's challenge was to find three things to be happy for, and a positive attitude (NO YELLING!!!) every day. How did I do? GREAT!!! Ok, so I had a few flare ups, and yelled at the kids a couple of times. I'm sorry, but I'm working on it. However, I've found more and more patience. I really did great overall. And, when my wonderful husband wasn't being so wonderful anymore, I was able to keep calm and remember the things that I love about him before reminding how stupid he's being.

As for the push ups and the sun salutations? My husband has decided to go about another rout in his quest for fitness so he's decided to leave the push up challenge behind. That means I pretty much have too. This is unfortunate but I just haven't seemed to remember to do them on my own. It's just one more thing to add to the list of EVERYTHING that I have to do. So I'm sorry but I'm letting that one go. The sun salutations are OK. I get them done once in a while. I like to do them.

What is my Fitblogger Challenge this week? I will keep up with the sun salutations, and the positive attitude and things to be happy for. But I'm adding one that I'm actually stealing from another Fitblogger. Faith, at I'm Too Sexy For This Fat, said this a couple of weeks ago and I feel that it's extremely important. My goal is to take my vitamins every day. So simple, and yet so important.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Challenge accepted....again

So this weekend I've been looking back over the last couple of weeks to figure out where I've been going wrong. I know what I need to be doing. The problem is that I've been able to find excuses to not do that. Back in March, when I first accepted my strict challenge, I had no room for excuses. It was a yes or no plan WITH AN ENDING!!! I lost 10 lbs in those thirty days. I DID AMAZING!!!! Since then I got laxed on my rules and found excuses. I've said, "if it's a lifestyle change, then there will be off days." or "I don't usually eat here, so I'm going to enjoy myself." How about this one: (I know you've used this excuse too) "Tomorrow's another day." All I have to say about these excuse is; I'M SO OVER YOU!!!

Here it is, Day zero of my 3rd 30 day challenge. Tomorrow is day one. ( I'd say that I officially failed my 2nd 30 day challenge.) I'm back to my original rules, and instead of finding excuses I'll be looking for reasons to stay on track! All the crap is out of the house, and I'm so determined to see more weight drop. My goal is to loose 7 lbs in this 30 days. That means that I'll be seeing the 170's YAY!!!

I have to admit that reading Mummy Fiercest Blog  helped me to make the this decision. THANKS!!!!! I really need to do this. I'm root for you too this month of May!!

So, Cheers to the month of MAY! Let's work out butts off!!!

FYI - Alcohol is a big no-no