Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 22

Calories Consumed - 1373
Calories Burned - 444

Not much to say for this Monday day. I haven't been too great about not drinking my Soda as is in my rules, but I've cut WAY down. Eating has been easy though. I eat a Lean Cuisine for Lunch, and make a very sensible dinner. I made encrusted baked chicken breast with some homemade fried rice. The rice was simply some brown ride with veggies and an egg in it. So it wasn't bad at all.

I went to Yoga, and remembering how "easy" but tiring it was last Wednesday? Well, I was sweating so hard, and working so hard that I was dripping sweat all over my yoga mat. I had to wipe it down when I got home. I was so happy last week that the mini push-up they call a "chaturanga" was getting easier for me. Well, not last night at yoga. It was so hard I was basically falling to my face every time. UGH. But as usual, it's getting MUCH better.

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