Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 10 - A

Calories Consumed - 1475
Calories Burned - 450

STARVING!! I went through this entire day SO HUNGRY!!! I'm not sure why, but even though I really really wanted to cheat and have a soda, I didn't! I stuck to my guns!!! I'm actually very proud of myself. I had yoga last night, and it was the hardest yet. After doing legs with weights the day before, I walk into class with the instructor stating that we were going to focus on glutes and thighs. UGH! It was so hard. But I did it!

As for eating, I had my usual Special K bar about 10 am, a lean cuisine pennini for lunch. For dinner, I made some great turkey meatballs with made with applesauce, whole wheat pasta, and some marinara with onions and mushrooms. It was a fabulous meal. Since the husband and I have been working out, I haven't actually cooked for us, and  he really enjoyed it. For snack, I spent the last four days making banana chips. I LOVE them, but I'm surprised how many calories are in a banana. A few sure do make a great snack though.

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Lesli said...

Yay it works now! I will be following you! You are doing great!