Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Ok, so we'll start out with the question; Did you keep up with your new healthy habits while on your trip to Montana? My answer is NO! HAHAHAHAHA. Actually, when I look back on it I can honestly say that I did take advantage of the vacation and I ate quite poorly. HOWEVER, I can also honestly say that these last few months have had a positive impact on the way I ate during this vacation.

My husband and I have a very bad habit of scarfing down sunflower seeds whenever we are on vacation. I'm talking pretty constantly. The calories in the seeds aren't actually SO bad, but the salts and preservatives are gruesome! I am still thirsty! Ugh, got some water retention going on I think. Other than that, yes, I did take advantage of the carbs, and the fried food. If I kept eating how was eating this weekend, I'd put back on all the weight I've lost in no time at all. But since I'm back into my environment, I don't think it will affect me too much. I did get out on a 3 mile jog Friday. It was really hard because it was over rolling hills and I'm used to a decently flat trail. Guess that means I need to change up my routine a bit hu?

Well, onto some pics and what we did. I told you a few days ago that my parent's house in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana is my 2nd favorite place in the whole world. Look at these views, wouldn't you love to be there?

We made campfires and had smores,

Helped Grandpa mow the lawn

Papa and Grandma bought us some bikes, so we got to enjoy them ALL WEEKEND!!

This is my favorite pic - Me and my Girls (ok, we were growling)

So, we traveled about 1200 miles this weekend, but had fun. *sigh, back to reality now.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a great time!! Those mountains are beautiful, to be able to sit on your deck and see them anytime you want would be awesome!!

Looks like you had a great time. Your girls are so cute!!

This weekend was hard on me food wise too. I'm up a pound, but was expecting worse.

Maria_NJ said...

Lisa did it take you a long time to get your MyTrak, you won one from fitblogger, right?

Candy kankles said...

Im the same way on tripe lol but instead of sunflower seeds its beef jerky! Looks like a fabulous trip! And thanks for the award sweets!