Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Small Things

So Yesterday I had a great day! I was having such a great day that I decided to go get my hair done. LOVE it!!! I have dark brown hair, and I went blond a couple months ago. this time I got my roots done, and went a little more blond.  I think it looks great!

To top it all off, I went to Yoga last night (LOVE YOGA). I unfortunately missed the last TWO WEEKS of Yoga!! Can you believe that? I've had so many weddings that I wasn't able to go. But, as I walked in my Yoga Instructor told me how great I looked!! I was shocked! I already felt like a million bucks. This woman has watched my entire transformation over the last couple of months, and to hear that from her just made my world that much better.

Well, today is Thursday. That means that for me, it's time to see my consequences of the past week, good or bad. Last week I weighed in at 176.8. After this past weekend of traveling and not watching my calorie intake, I weighed in at 177.2.  I'M SO EXCITED!!! Ok, ok, it's a gain of .4 (basically half a pound) pounds. Most people would see this as a bad week, but in all reality, I don't. This proves two things to me.
1) If I kept eating like I did last weekend, I'd gain weight. So guess what? I'm not going to eat like I did last weekend.
2) My weight loss is real! If I didn't have a solid weight loss over the last couple months, then I would have sky rocketed on the scale this morning. But since it's a good-solid loss, it'll be easy to drop that .4 lbs again.

So, yes, I'm happy with my weigh in.


midlife_swimmer said...

Nice! cruising towards maintenance. Its a nice place to reach in your head. trust the process and do the work the rest comes. Your hair looks pretty fab.

safire said...

I love that color on you! Great job with Yoga. I need to get back into the exercise groove ASAP.

Anonymous said...

LOVE your hair, it looks great! Also love that tattoo, my husband would too!!

You've got the same attitude as I do about a small gain. I figure it's a lot better than a big gain, and easier to lose.

Firball said...

Love the hair - the colour is fab!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

congrats on getting back to yoga! your newest follower!

Kristy said...

What a great attitude to have over a small gain. It's always nice to get those compliments to show how far we have come.