Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Routine & Fitblogger

Are you one of those people that thrive on routine? I know I am!!! I have got to stick to a schedule in order to make sure that 1) I don't spend too much time on the computer, and 2) I get everything done. But this week has already been CRAZY!!!

If you don't know by now, I decorate weddings. We had a wedding yesterday (Tuesday) that was just NUTS! It was supposed to be a simple outdoor wedding, but due to the rain, it was moved into a tent. Tent weddings are HORRIBLY time consuming. We ended up decorating the tent Monday night (YOGA NIGHT) and all day Tuesday. I'm talking 8am to 5pm. It turned out beautiful though. You can see some pics here. So, after all that, my wonderful husband left today for work, and won't be home until late Thursday night (No YOGA tonight either). Then he has to work inventory on Friday, so won't be home, and I have a wedding Saturday again. SO, I get to see my husband.....NEXT WEEK! And my routine- totally out the window. UGH, that's ok, I'll work through it.

How did I do on my FITBLOGGER? Not too good. This week I was supposed to focus on Water Intake. I really wanted to focus on this because when I'm decorating the weddings, I Definitely don't get enough water. And I didn't do so great. UGH. So, guess what. I'm not going to add anything this week. I've done OK with my vitamins, OK with my Sun Salutations, Not so good with a positive attitude. I've been so busy, and my poor little ones. I've got to find my patience again. So, that's it, I'm going to keep with the same goals I've already established. I've got a lot to focus on.


Anonymous said...

OMGosh, you do an amazing job of decorating ! I wish I had you around when I got married...maybe I need a do-over !! lol..

Balance is what is all about isn't it ? it is hard to do that sometimes. Hang in there and hope you can turn your week around and make it wonderful !!

Anonymous said...

What's the deal with the water? I used to drink more than enough and now it's a struggle to get even half of what my body needs a day.

Amy said...

I find if I don't set a schedule for myself, I can totally fall off the wagon. I try and plan as much as is realistic (food, exercise) and allow for slight deviations. As soon as I stray in a big way, however, I'm totally screwed for the next few days. Ugh! :)

PS - beautiful decorating!!!