Sunday, May 1, 2011

Challenge accepted....again

So this weekend I've been looking back over the last couple of weeks to figure out where I've been going wrong. I know what I need to be doing. The problem is that I've been able to find excuses to not do that. Back in March, when I first accepted my strict challenge, I had no room for excuses. It was a yes or no plan WITH AN ENDING!!! I lost 10 lbs in those thirty days. I DID AMAZING!!!! Since then I got laxed on my rules and found excuses. I've said, "if it's a lifestyle change, then there will be off days." or "I don't usually eat here, so I'm going to enjoy myself." How about this one: (I know you've used this excuse too) "Tomorrow's another day." All I have to say about these excuse is; I'M SO OVER YOU!!!

Here it is, Day zero of my 3rd 30 day challenge. Tomorrow is day one. ( I'd say that I officially failed my 2nd 30 day challenge.) I'm back to my original rules, and instead of finding excuses I'll be looking for reasons to stay on track! All the crap is out of the house, and I'm so determined to see more weight drop. My goal is to loose 7 lbs in this 30 days. That means that I'll be seeing the 170's YAY!!!

I have to admit that reading Mummy Fiercest Blog  helped me to make the this decision. THANKS!!!!! I really need to do this. I'm root for you too this month of May!!

So, Cheers to the month of MAY! Let's work out butts off!!!

FYI - Alcohol is a big no-no


Kelty said...

You can totally do it! Good luck!

mummy fiercest said...

I will be cheering you on from my end of the blogging world! I know we can kick ass this May:)

Diminishing Lucy said...

Lisa - Thanks for linking up. Fat to Fit will be changing a little next week - so make sure you follow along and link up to the new blog hop on Thursday?

Diminishing Lucy

Anonymous said...

Good Luck, I know you will succeed !!!

Amy said...

Yeah May! What a month it will be... I am SO OVER my excuses as well! We will totally rock this :)

ThunderThighs said...

Yay you!! Good luck with everything!!

Felicia said...

GOOD LUCK!! You CAN do it!! I restarted my own challenge yesterday. We CAN do it!