Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Jess gave me an awesome award!!!! YAY!! Thank you Jess. I have *known Jess for so long, we were a part of an internet comunity when our girls were born. We went through that process together, and I'm SO STINKING happy that she's here with me during this journey.  Visit her blog at http://projectgetthin.blogspot.com/

So, she gave me;
The rules are as follows;
Thank the blogger who gave the award to you,
Tell 7 things about yourself
Pass the award on (to 15 people)

SO, Thank you Jess!!! You know you are amazing!!

7 Things about me;
1) I really need to clean this computer, UGH, it's so stinking dirty
2) I LOVE MOJITOS!!!!! *insert picture of Homer Simpson  drooling*
3) I have a love/hate relationship with my garden. I love to plant it, and I hate to maintain it.
4) I swam competitively all my life until I dislocated my shoulder snowboarding and now it's painful to try to race.
5) I need to touch up my dye job. I recently went blond, and now my roots are VERY BAD!
6) I HATE taking the garbage out. For the time my shoulder was hurt, and for a while after surgery, I could not lift the big garbage can lid without a lot of pain. This resulted in a complete hatred of me taking out the garbage.
7) I work VERY hard to obtain those things I can't ever have.

Ok, and to pass it on - I know I'm supposed to pass on to 15 people, but I'm only going to pass it on to a few.
Candy and Kankles
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That's it. I'm not sure if you've had this award yet or not, but you know you are motivation to me.


Karen@WaistingTime said...

I broke my arm where it goes into the shoulder skiing! Or rather, falling from the chairlift. Anyhoo, months of rehab followed for my shoulder and I suspect it will never be the same again:(

Maria_NJ said...

Lisa thank you so much for the award...your Mom and Dad's place looks amazing, yes I would kill for that view. We have a fiend that lives in Bigfork, Montana,he loves it there, a great place to raise a family. Did you grow up in Montana?
Thank you for the award too!!

Jess said...

Lisa, I love these silly awards as I get to see other blogs I haven't before!! YAY!