Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday weight day

My weigh-in today was 183.2. That's .8 for the week. If you can't tell by my non-challant writing of the info, I'm not too impressed. I didn't expect anything really different. I'm happy that I got a loss, and I did pretty decent. Especially since I went "strict" just three days ago. But I messed up yesterday.

Yesterday was C3D3, Wednesday, and my beloved Yoga Night. Well, my wonderful husband has been doing a P90X routine at work. And, he's only been eating a cup or so of cottage cheese during the day. I said he was wonderful, not always very smart (LUV YOU BABE). So, I know this will shock you, but he came home very sick. Well, if you are used to eating a BUTT LOAD of calories, then start a very extreme workout, and only give yourself about 250 calories a day, what do you think is going to happen? He came home so exhausted he was sick. I made him a good home cooked meal, to replenish the calories (yes, healthy still, but a little more calories than I like to eat now-a-days). I gave him some cold medicine and tucked him into bed. AJ, my 3 year old, has a nasty ear infection, so she got some special treatment. Ki, my 2 year old, got some special treatment last night because everyone else was, and she's so damn cute. SO I didn't go to my beloved Yoga class. It was ok, life happens, but I was a bit bummed out.

Since I was bummed out, what did I do? I made my favorite snack; CHEESY POPCORN!!! YUMMY. I'm so embarrassed. I did it telling myself not to because today was weigh-in day. Can we say Self Sabotage? Once again, I have to restart my ticker. Oh well I guess.

So, this morning, after weighing myself, and hoping I saw the 182's, I went straight upstairs and tossed my popcorn. Why have it if I'm only going to shove loads of if down my gullet? Problem solved.

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