Tuesday, May 3, 2011

C3 D1

Just in case anyone is wondering, that title would be; Challenge 3 Day 1.  *WINK*

Calories Consumed - 1183
Calories burned - 412

Who's got two thumbs and kicked ass on her diet and exercise yesterday?


Yeppers, i did great! I'm actually really impressed with myself. WHY couldn't I have acted like this in the last couple of weeks? Well, I made an excellent dinner - I marinated a couple small pieces of chicken in milk, put them in my stoneware cooker and into the over with a few spices on them. I sauteed some onions in a little bit of EVOO, some garlic, and some basil. Steamed some asparagus until tender but with a slight crisp. I poured the sauteed onions and it's little bit of oil over the asparagus, and served it all. YUMMY!!!! Pretty healthy dinner.

I really didn't feel like going to Yoga, and I was in the middle of talking myself OUT of going when my neighbor called (who rides with me to her gym class) and told me she was too tired to go to the gym tonight. I could not believe we were thinking the same things, and there was no way I was going to let her skip, so there was no way I could skip. It was a really great class and I enjoyed it very much. SO glad I went. It was nice and slow, and deep, with an incredible amount of time spent of stretching. That's exactly what I needed.

After class I had to stop at the store for 1 item. I put the item on the belt to check out as the clerk asked how I was doing tonight. I looked at him, looked down at my box of tampons, and back at him. The poor young man turned 14 shades of red as I said, "you tell me."Oh he was so embarrassed. Hey, I couldn't let that timing go, sorry. Don't worry all, we all laughed at it since it was so stinking funny.

I had given myself a bribe to go to Yoga. I told myself that when I got home I'd make myself a yummy smoothy. Oh YAY, I was SO looking forward to that. I had it all mixed up, in a cup in my hand, I took my first drink, and YUCK! It was terrible. It was grainy, gritty, and most unappetizing. So, down the drain with that. I was a bit disappointed because I  had saved the calories and was planning on it. Oh well, I guess. Another day, and another type.

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ThunderThighs said...

Who has two thumbs and LOVES the fact that you used that line because it's in the best tv show on earth The Office? THIS GIRL!! And good job on going to yoga even though you didn't necessarily want to. Your body thanks you! And too funny about the tampon incident!!