Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Getting better

C3 D2

Calories Consumed - 1950
Calories Burned -  460

I forgot to mention yesterday about how I felt in Yoga on Monday. Actually I was very surprised by the reflection I saw in the mirror. I saw a very sleek (even if I saw a little bit of roundness in the belly), and strong silhouette. I have a really beautiful long neck, and I couldn't believe it, but I even saw the shadow of my jaw line. I felt extremely graceful, and beautiful. What a turnaround from the first time I went to Yoga. I was (and really still am) the biggest woman in the room, and I felt like it. But now I don't. I have incredible flexibility and strength, that I can out-pose many of those thinner women. So, being fat doesn't really mean you're not healthy, strong, or beautiful.

Now, on to yesterday. - What a great day in itself. BEAUTIFUL weather (for the most part). I took a good little jog and it felt nice. I was able to push myself to run faster. I haven't been able to do that yet. So far it's just about getting the three miles down. But yesterday I realized that I have been literally sitting back in my heals and kind of slumping through the runs. Yesterday, when I realized I was doing this, I pushed myself to speed up my legs. It felt so good that I was singing while I was running. LOVE IT!

Then, I brought out the motorcycle to ride into Salt Lake City to meet with our Riding Club and see my wonderful husband. I noticed something I didn't like on my way down. I was a little unsteady at the slower speeds. I realized that I had eaten less than 500 calories before getting on the bike. NOT GOOD. My balance was off. So at the meeting I decided to get some calories in me, and I did a slight indulgence in some nachos. OK, I could have eaten something a little healthier, but I needed some substance and weight to help me balance. And, even though the nachos were high calorie, I kept myself under 2000 calories for the day, so I'll take it. Summary: yes, my calories were high, but I needed it, and next time I'll eat a sandwich before riding so I don't have to worry about how I feel on the bike. But I did get my run in, and I'm planning to do an extra run today to help burn some of those calories off.

I have to say, by the time we got home, my little girls were asleep in bed. My two year old little Ki woke us up at 1am just to tell us she loves us and to give us kisses. Then she ran back to bed. It was the most adorable thing ever.


wendiw80 said...

Don't call yourself fat! But I love that you saw things about yourself that were beautiful in Yoga. Yoga is such a wonderful way to build a strong, healthy relationship with yourself and your body. The biggest thing that I try to focus on in yoga or any workout class, or anywhere in general, is to talk to myself as I would talk to my stepdaughters. Would i say mean things and ridicule them, no.... So I'm not going to do that to myself either :)

wendiw80 said...

check out this blog. I really love it!!

(it's not mine :))

ThunderThighs said...

Hey chicka, hit up my blog, there's an award waiting for ya!! Woot woot!!

sammy said...

This post is great ... I love that you saw your beauty.