Thursday, May 5, 2011



Thank you to Thunder Thighs For this awesome reward!!! The rules:

• Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you

• Share seven things about yourself

• Award your favorite bloggers and tell them you have done it.

So, thank you so much Just Call Me Thunder Thighs!! I Love your blog!!
(seriously, I had this all done, so now I gotta do this again.)

My 7 Things about me
1) I'm so beyond politically correct. I'm the biker chick! Down to my tattoos and poor language.
2) I rely on social interaction. It's like I can't survive without people and friends.
3) I HATE the area I live. I'd do almost anything to be able to move.
4) I'm deathly afraid of bears. I'm talking crying and pee'ing my pants when I see one on TV
5) My greatest fear is loosing one of my kids, I check on them many times a night to make sure they are still breathing.
6) I have a fetish for handbags. I would have a fetish for shoes, but I refrain from those because I have no style.
7) I have no style. I'm that lady who goes out in public in Jammas or sweats.

Bloggers I'd love to share this with


Candy kankles said...

Yay congrats!

Losing Phatty said...

Congrats on your award Lisa! Thank you for followinf my blog you were the first person to comment, and always have been so supportive.

wendiw80 said...

Thank you so much!!!

mummy fiercest said...


love the 7 things lol I am pretty sure I can tick more than a few things off that list as well!

And thanks for sharing the award, super nice of you:)

Firball said...

Hey Lisa I love it! And I absolutely love the ticker you have on the right hand side there.
Thanks for the award!

sammy said...

Thanks Lisa!!

midlife_swimmer said...

congrats and thanks for the award :)

the bear thing is interesting I used to run into them hiking a lot.

Biz said...

Congrats on the award! :D