Saturday, April 30, 2011

Joining the Club

Ok, I guess I need to start that I did a weigh in on Thursday Morning (as was scheduled) and I saw 184.0. Not too bad. About 1.5 lbs down from last week. I take it. I'm pretty sure that I'd be doing a lot better if I WOULDN'T KEEP EATING CRAP!!

I am joining the club, HECK I'm running for office! The club is one that many of you are very aware of, are a part of, or have been a part of in the past. If you have left this every growing club YAY!! Good For You!!! This club is called the Self Sabotaging Club. I'm not sure why we do such stupid things, especially since we strive and desire to be so good and healthy. It can sure be frustrating.

How do you cope? There are great days that I can simply say NO. But yesterday was just not one of them. And lately I haven't had very many NO days. I had a wedding, and by the time we were done decorating we went to the first place that looked good. Unfortunately it was Red Lobster. I did not make good decisions. BLAH!!! I'm going to do good today though. I am determined!!!


mummy fiercest said...

Dealing with a bout of self sabotage myself, All I can say is that today is a new day and I vow to do better.

Well done on the loss :)

sammy said...

Onwards and upwards Lisa ... you know I'm the president of the club!

Rae said...

I'm half and half on the self-sabotage. I feel like knowing we do it makes it easier to accept and to work with - but I'm not sure that's true. I noticed this week that's all I was doing, and yet I wasn't able to stop. I just kept making excuses. I know some people say well, tomorow is a new day, but for me, I didn't need tomorrow, I needed a fresh week. So now that I've done my weigh-in, I hope I can be realistic and really get with the program because my last WI was unacceptable.