Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thursday, Weight Day

Well, today's weight didn't surprise me any. 186.4. Really, not TOO BAD considering last weekend, and I ate popcorn last night. YUM! Honestly, once that popcorn does it's high fiber job, I'll probably be down another half pound or so.  (HEHE, well, it's true!!!)

My wonderful husband went out of town on Tuesday afternoon so I had to stay home and exercise Tuesday and Wednesday. BOY do I need new cross training shoes!!! But I went for long jogs both days. I don't usually like to run too much because I get monster shin splints, but WOW did the runs feel great. I was able to run the entire distance both times, Very little pain (wish is always a good sign), and had decent times (for me). NO, I'm not going to tell you the times. We all know I walk slower than a baby crawls, so you can imagine how slow my "jogging" is.

As for eating, I am totally in a funk. I simply DON'T WANT TO! Isn't that pitiful. While I sit here, I long to be healthy, but when it comes times to eat, I want something simple and FRIED! Last night we did shopping, and I only bought healthy things, so I hope that helps as my whole house hold becomes healthy. But then we stopped for bugers on the way home. I guess it could have been worse. The girls had a hamburger (from McD's) and I grabbed fruit for them to eat with it instead of fries. I on the other hand had a hamburger and a McDouble. HMMM, I sure could have stuck with just the burger if I was craving something. OH well. I think the desire to see the 170's is stronger though. Today I'll be putting up reminders of 170. I really don't have that far to go on the scale to see those numbers so I guess I just need to get my butt in gear.


safire said...

I find you can make what you are craving at home! Pan-fried breaded chicken breast is delicious!

Good luck with everything and I hope you see the new decade soon!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the exercise and running. I get awful shin splints as well so I've switched to other types of exercise for a while. I totally know whta you mean about just wanting to eat junky food even though you want to be healthy. My thing is grilled cheese!

Anesha said...

I just started my weight loss blog and i just started laughing because I have that same comic picture with the girls on mine. Im just trying to network and better educate myself of this weight loss thing. I love your blog. Stop by sometime.

it looks like your doing wonderful. Keep up the good work