Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Thank YOU (yes, YOU!)

First and foremost - A HUGE thank you to all those reading and commenting. I just LOVE hearing all the motivation, all the encouragement, all the ideas. It really means a lot to me. So thank you everyone for walking, jogging, yoga-ing, and zumba-ing with me. I LOVE IT!!!!

You know how I was talking about needing new cross training shoes? Well, I went out last Thursday and bought myself some New Balance shoes. HELLO!!!! My feet hurt less, and my shin splints are so much better. The bad news is that I am definitely going to lose the nails on both my 2nd toes. My disgusting feet have the 2nd toe longer than my big toe, and my toes were rubbing on the tops of my previous shoes.

Don't mind the crappy polish that's wearing off, or the crappy tattoo that I wish was wearing off. (This is why you shouldn't get a 2 for 1 tattoo. DUMB) You can notice the discoloration on the corner of the left 2nd toe on the left, and the one on the right foot is darker, and starting to bruise. UGH! I won't tell you what kind of shoes they were, but they were a high name brand. I'm never going back from New Balance. I just LOVE THEM!!!

Yoga tonight was a fast pace, hard workout. LOVED IT!!! I was sweating up a storm. This instructor is usually slow and focuses more in the isometric side. She gets deep into your muscles and hold the poses past the time they burn. But today we did a fast pace repetition workout. Then to top it off, we held those poses at the end. It was so hard to hold a Warrior One pose because it was burring so bad!! LOVED IT!!!! I even got my big butt (HEHE) into a a solid crow pose (below). WOW, I had to take some Tylenol tonight just to relax. Here's to Zumba tomorrow!!!

OK - so mine didn't look THAT good!


mummy fiercest said...

wow that pose is nuts! I am so far from that stage hahaha you are a superstar!

I have adidas x trainers atm, when they wear down I will go NB, everyone raves about them:)

And a huge THANK YOU for your lovely comments, especially on a new blog you have made my day


Rae said...

Crow pose? Awesome job :) I'm not there yet, and i'm not sure I'm willing to headplant in attempts to try. Isn't it awesome when an instructor changes things up and throws everyone off their comfort blanket? I love it!!

Glad you got good shoes, they make a world of difference, no?

safire said...

Good luck with ZUMBA! I've never done it before but I hear good things :)

I hope your feet feel better. My toes are red right now too haha!

Anonymous said...

Lots of extremely good reading here, thanks! I was browsing on yahoo when I observed your article, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to far more from you.

Marlee said...

Wow I've been in a yoga class a few times and I have trouble with the basic poses! Good luck on the new shoes!

sammy said...

I'm in awe - to be able to do that pose is amazing!

Sita said...

Good Luck with the new shoes! I can't really get into Yoga, but I love Zumba. Maybe when I get into shape I'll try it. Well just stopping thru!

Eduardo said...

Good post! I love your blog! I'm following!

This is my blog:

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed!! I did planks which I haven't done in a few years and was trembling and shaking from the beginning. No way I could do that pose!!

I'm going to try to get back into Yoga so I got a new Yoga dvd and it should be here next week. I'll alternate between Yoga and Chi-Gong.