Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fitblogger Update

Well, how did I do this week? Not so much, once again. Why is that I wonder? I had two goals, 1) do five sun salutations a day, and 2) do the push up challenge with my wonderful husband. As for the push ups, I did that every time my husband asked, so that wasn't so bad, but it was still the lesser amount of days for the week. I think I only did the sun salutations about 3 times. (and I might be giving myself the benefit of the doubt).

During Yoga last night I realized that I have been very angry lately. So this week I'm going strive to use only kind words, no yelling, and find three things I'm happy for. OK, it's not "healthy" in ways of working out or eating, but it's healthy for the mind. And apparently I need it.

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Anonymous said...

LOVE your goal for this week!! We all need to practice being positive and kind every day!