Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wanna know what I love?

Ok, so I LOVE many things, but right now I LOVE counting my calories! I know it can be a pain the butt, but more than that, it's a life (or fat) saver. There are so many days, including yesterday, that I stopped caring and started eating. Then, out of the blue, I realize I've almost stepped out of my calorie restriction and I'm snapped back into a healthy reality! Oh yes, this happened yesterday with Garlic Mashed Potatoes. MMMMMMM!!! YUMMY!!! I know there are many different programs you can use, but I use I really like it, and I'm familiar with it.

Yesterday I decided to take it easy on exercise. I had slight pain in my sciatic in the morning while cleaning the house, and decided to skip the working out to make sure I gave it enough time to relax. Right before my husband and I were heading to bed he asked me if I wanted to do the push up challenge. Frankly, I almost said NO. But this was the first interest he's had in exercising that I HAD to say yes. So we started the 100 push up challenge. I WAS SHOCKED. It must be all those chaturanga's in Yoga because  I COULD DO REAL PUSH UPS!!!!! YAHOO!!!

Calories Consumed - 1550 (mmm, mashed potatoes)
Calories Burned - 0

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