Monday, August 1, 2011

What a weekend

WOW!!! I'm back after an epic weekend. I met up with other Motorcycle Riders from Montana at our B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S. Nationals. We took some AMAZING rides around the area and a simple great time. Late nights, and crap food.

That brings me to a question I was wondering before we went. How did I do on my diet? What diet? Really, though I didn't worry about what I ate, and I know I definitely went backward a little bit, but that's ok. As I have said before though; the habits I have established here at home definitely showed there. Even if I didn't eat very good, I did eat and drink less. Which also means that I didn't have to worry about hangovers since I wasn't getting drunk. That was definitely nice.

So, today starts a new venture for me and my husband. Due to his fight with Gout (which was REALLY bad this weekend), and other illnesses; this house becomes 90% meat free. I say 90% because I'm not cooking meat anymore, but that doesn't mean we are totally vegetarian. I'm not going to tell my husband he can't go out for a nice steak once in a while, but it's important to take a large portion of protein out of his diet. Also, no more beer. We really don't drink very much at home, so this won't be a bad at all. I am excited to start this.

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Bonnie said...

Good luck with your new's going to be awesome on your health!!!