Thursday, August 18, 2011

Holy Zumba

Yep, today was the first day back to Zumba. It seems that they have come up with some new stuff during my little hiatus. I knew/remembered about half of what we did. It really doesn't matter because I had a TON of fun and worked really hard. According to my schedule, I have abs to do, and I'll get that done this afternoon.

I decided to take my family out to dinner last night, and we really enjoyed ourselves. My little girls shared one of the kiddo meals, but the waitress made them BOTH the deserts even though they could have shared it just fine. I was pretty proud of myself. I splurged on some chips and salsa, but ate a half salad as my entre'. I was feeling full, but not uncomfortable and I really happy. I was able to treat myself with a appetizer, but not overdo it with a bunch of crap. My husband, on the other hand, stuffed himself with bread, fries, and a half a club sandwich.

I have yet to count my calories, and that is a HUGE part of my weight loss. So I have to get it started today.

So this week my goal is to count my calories every day, and take my vitamins (so important).


Bonnie said...

What vitamins are you taking?

Lisa Mancini said...

Bonnie - As I'm still hoping and praying to get pregnant, I am taking Prenatals.