Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just a quickie

OK, I know, I've been crazy busy!!! I haven't even had enough time to THINK about a "real" workout. I've been going nuts working weddings these past couple of weeks, and it looks like I have one more crazy week ahead of me. All I do all day is iron, or decorate. I've been ironing linens for about 8 hours each day! And these weddings I average walking 11 miles during the decorating process. So, I haven't been doing NOTHING, and I'm really sorry I haven't been able to check in to other blogs. It's going to change here soon.

Anyway, I thought that since my usual weigh day is Thursday I'd see if I'm still on track. I haven't stepped on a scale in about two weeks. Today's weight is  176.0!! NOT BAD for not being in my correct frame of weight loss mind. It's been two weeks since I worried about what I ate. So I'm loving that the hard work I've put in this year to loose those 20 lbs has paid off, and has been life changing instead of a simple diet. Well, back to the grind. If you want some wedding pics to look at, please check out our facebook page;!/pages/LK-Events/201764407663

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