Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Weigh Day

Ugh, if I were to hide under a towel for the day, do you think the world would ignore me for a while? I'd say probably for a minute or two, then my kids would find me and jump all over me.

Today is the day of the week that I weigh myself. And, frankly, I haven't been getting on the scale at all over the past few days. I usually jump on once in a while to see what my status is how I'm doing for the week. Yes, I'm addicted to the scale.

I went to find out what I weighed in last week, and low-and-behold, I didn't have a weigh in post? WOW, I must have been REALLY busy. So, two weeks ago my weigh in was 175.2. AWESOME!!! Today I got on the scale at 177.2. OUCH!!! In the past two weeks, I  managed to add on two pounds. Ugh, Not a happy camper. Maybe I'll find that towel now.


LittleMama said...

That's always rough. Our scale died a week ago & I finally bought a new one. My weight was about where I expected - which is not good!

BnE's Mommy said...

But in your've had A LOT going on. It'll be alright. Just keeping moving ahead. Tomorrow starts a new challenge and you can do it!

Diandra said...

Ah, that's not that bad. They'll come of feventually.

Over the course of June, I lot 0.3kg. Yes, more than four weeks. If it came of any slower, I'd be going backwards in time.