Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Screwed the Pooch

Yeah, that's what I feel like when I look back over the last 24 hours. I really screwed the pooch. I've got so much going through my head that I've been able to justify everything I've put into my mouth, but WOW. Where does it end? Apparently in my stomach. I'm so completely off track. What's the scale going to say tomorrow morning? I can not do this if I plan to drop that 10lbs by the end of July. Ugh I'm disgusted in myself. I've counted up everything I ate in the last 24 hours and I at a MINIMUM of 3500 calories. WHAT!!! That's what I should be eating in about 3 days, not one! This is ridiculous. I've got to get back on track.

So what's the difference between last March and now? I must have had more willpower. I know I'm not THAT bored. I've been ironing most of the day. Just when I wasn't ironing, I was eating. A simple salad for dinner should be good, especially since I shouldn't be hungry at all.

Guess I need to start my food journal again, and post it online. KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE PEOPLE!!!


Karen@WaistingTime said...

Okay... you can do this! Start now. One bite at a time.

Jess said...

For a while I was posting my food journal online and it was a HUGE help for me!!

wendiw80 said...

give yourself a break. We all do it and it doesn't make you bad. I think sometimes, the "bad" days, weeks, help me remember why I want to eat healthy because it reminds me how much better I feel when I do, or actually, how bad I feel when I don't.

one thing, are you following a strict diet? Sometimes, when I restrict myself, I set myself up for failure because I don't allow myself fun daily. If that makes sense??

BnE's Mommy said...

I'll agree...journaling is the only thing that helps me stay on track. You can do this!!!!