Friday, June 17, 2011

Basic Injuries

At Zumba yesterday I was noticing some of my basic pains. It seems that I constantly have some pains that I've just written off to working out. But you'd think that after more than three months my body would be adjusted to working out and I wouldn't have basic simple injuries.

We all know that I have very bad joints. It feels right now that calf is pulling away from my bone just under my knee. I STILL can't get rid of my shin splints. I live on ibuprofen, and the next day it all starts again.

I think I need to get back to some of my basics. I stretch, I ice, I get a decent amount of water. Everything is fine. But it's obviously not enough. I was told to wrap my shins, I wonder if there's a stocking out there I can wear (what a funny tan that would be). There's got to be some basic stretches and exercises that can help with my basic little injuries.


wendiw80 said...

if you stretch your muscles without massage, you're irritating the tendons and that's probably why you're calves are still bothering you.

You need to get a stick, tennis ball, trigger point foam roller, etc and massage massage massage. Get the meaty part of your calves, find the knots where they hurt the most and dig in there. I use the stick first and rub all major muscle groups in my legs for 30 seconds a section. Then, I use my elbow and hands to dig into my calves. lastly, i use some lotion (usually body butter) and rub the tendons that are on the inside of my shins. There is usually a pain where it hurts the most and those knots are what's causing the issues.

you really should do it 3-4 times a week. After you spend all that time massaging, then stretch your calves. You do that consistently, and your shin splints will go away.

You may also need a new pair of shoes in a half size larger than your nomal size. I wear an 8 1/2 but I wear a 9 in running shoes because otherwise, shin splints.

Your running form may have issues and if you're taking a lot of zumba, that can make your calves tight.

I hope that helps!!

Firball said...

Hi Lisa, as someone who is struggling with almost four weeks of an angry ankle, I strongly suggest seeing someone (a sports physio maybe?) who can sort out what's going on. Having the basics right will enable you to go further for longer.
Look after yourself and take care!

Diandra said...

Have you tried fish oil? It did wonders for my knees...

Karen@WaistingTime said...

I gave you a blog award:)