Saturday, September 3, 2011

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Yeah Yeah Yeah, I've talked quite a bit recently about falling off the wagon. Every time I seem to try to jump on, I'm only half-assing it. Isn't that sad? I'm still getting my exercise (well, not as much) and I'm doing good on my calorie intake. Well, good if I didn't want to lose weight. The truth is right now, that I don't want to loose weight. I want to gain weight. I want to gain 15-20 lbs over the next 9 months and have a baby. I've wanted this same thing for the past 21months (WOW, that's almost 2 years). I really didn't ever think it would take this long for a 3rd child.

My husband and I were excited to be pregnant with our 3rd baby at the beginning of the year, but I lost it, and I just don't understand why it's take this long to get pregnant again. It was definitely easy in March to refocus on getting fit, and losing weight. But now I can't restrict my caloric intake so much in thinking that there's a chance I might actually be pregnant. It's really no justification for WHAT I'm eating though.

What do I need?
I need a plan. I need to be settled in my plan and right now it can't specifically be focused on weight loss.
I need to be healthy.
I need to change my mindset.
I need to make good decisions for MY body, and those decisions MUST coincide with my biggest What If.
I need to do this because I need feel better about myself, and I need to feel in control of who I am.
I need to quit making excuses.

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Rosie said...

I totally understand how you are feeling (both ways)...wanting to lose weight and wanting to get pregnant. You have to what is best for you & your body.

sammy said...

Hi Lisa, I've definately been in the place you are now. Being healthy in the long run is much better than worrying about a number the scale. Wishing you lots of luck with falling pregnant again, hopefully it won't be too long.x Sammy

Diandra said...

You will be pregnant, eventually. Focus on eating healthier and enjoying yourself until then. Improve the circumstances. Don't put everything else on hold.

Bonnie said...

Good Luck Girl......

I'm sending baby vibes your way....

Stop stressing and just do what feels right for your body, it will happen in no time!!!

Anonymous said...

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