Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dexot Report

So, How am I doing in this little detox plan? NOT TOO BAD. Ok, last night it took a lot of effort for me to stay away from zucchini bread loaded with peanut butter after the kids have gone to bed. WOAH! See the problem? This was the exact action that I've been trying to get away from, and I held back!! What an accomplishment. I basically HIDE my eating. I don't want people to see me eat, and I don't want to share. And then when I start with something small, I don't stop until I have binged. I keep seeing an addictive situation and I'm trying to stop.

Anyway, right now I'm starving, and I think I'll go eat an apple. Then I will go on a short 3-4 mile run, and a salad for lunch.

Today is day 3, and the past two days have been hard, but I've done well. I have 12 days to go, and I'm going to finish strong by sticking to my plan.


Meghan said...

Good job!! I don't think I could eat that much salad bit props to you! Do you like butternut squash? Cube it up and bake. Butternut "fries", so good!!

Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Good job! You can do this. I think it's time for myself to do a little type of a detox too. Noticed I have been snacking a little too much lately.

Diandra said...


Lesli said...

Lisa I haven't heard from you in FOREVER! Just wanted to wish you good luck :)