Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Good run

Oh, I just love days like today. I got out on my run, and it was wonderful!!! It was cool, and just a non-schalant kind of run. I didn't really push it hard. I felt strong, and just peaceful. This is the kind of run that I strive for each time I'm out. I Power walked half a mile, ran three, and power walked the last half mile. It was so stress free, and just a great time.

I feel good about things right now. After my little rant about what I REALLY wanted, I have been able to see things very clearly, and been able to work through them my way. I put my scale away. I don't care to lose weight right now. I just want to feel good, stay active, and be conscious about my health.

I'm not saying "I want to be healthy" anymore. Even though I strive for that. The reality is that I'm going to indulge, I'm going eat junk, and I'm going to lazy around once in a while. So ME being healthy isn't always the truth. I want to be healthy, but I also want to be free. So, instead of eating healthy, I'm eating consciously. I'm not busting my butt out there on the running path everyday, but I'm staying active and I'm exercising on a regular basis. This is good for me, and right now, that's what I need.


♫ Drazil ♪ said...

Great job on the run! You go girl!

Jodie said...

It's feeling at peace with our life that helps us maintain healthiness, I believe! Great job.

Diandra said...

Sounds great!

Bonnie said...

as long as your feeling great that's all that matters!!!