Thursday, September 22, 2011


So, Yeah! Well, my Detox did really good, but I'm pretty much over it. Being that things here at my house has been a little rough, I've had to do something that I HATE! We are in desperate need of some cash, so I've had to start donating plasma. Let me just say that we've had Hot Dogs and Mac N Cheese  three times this week, and the other times it's been Peanut Butter and Jelly. Ok, I'm being a little dramatic. Just a little. I've had to eat heavier meals instead of my planned detox. However, I've been sticking to the REASON why I wanted to do the detox. I've actually lost 3 POUNDS!!! I've pretty much stopped snacking throughout the day. And, I'm really working on the addictive behaviors. I feel good.

Ok, so let's talk about my new ticker over there on the Right. What do you think? Many of the people I'm following in the Blogging world are serious runners. I've read SO many blogs about marathons and triathlons, and the amazing accomplishments. I've always wanted to run a marathon. I don't really give a rollin doughnut about a time, I just want to finish it! Two years ago, I did a relay and ran 6.1 miles. I did awful! But I was so proud of being able to finish it. So, I have decided to go for it! I got my husband's permission and I know exactly the one I'm going to do.

 I have to admit, I'm scared. I haven't done very well on keeping with a goal lately. But I think I can do this. I've kept active, and I've asked my friend to join me. She has no desire to run a marathon, but she'll work towards the 5 or 10K. So I have someone who'll help keep me motivated. The biggest problem I see is the long runs. I think I'll have to plan them for Fridays instead of Saturdays. On warm weather, Saturdays are riding days, and I'm not sure I'll have the support of my husband to watch the kids. So I'm planning on using Hal Higdon's schedule, and just adjust it a little for my weekly plan.


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