Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Up & At 'Em!!!

So I'm so proud of myself!! I got up this morning at 5:45 am and went on a 4 mile run! It was an ok run, but SO much better than it's been when trying to run later after it already gets hot. The only bad thing (TMI WARNING, Plug your ears if you don't want TMI) is that half way through, I had to HURRY home because I had to make a pit stop. I know, ridiculous! But it helped my time A LOT!

So, after I got my run in, I went out and weeded half my garden. AND, I also hit the gym already this morning for about 30 minutes. I did 5 upper body Strength Training exercises.

I have done so much today already! I feel like a beast. I hope I keep this energy throughout the day cause I still have to iron the linens for this weekend's wedding, and clean my kitchen.


HEY YOU!!! Yeah, that's right, I'm talking to you. Do  you need a little motivation. Check out this post Meghan just read. Nothing but motivation there!!!


Vicki said...

I think it's great that you get out of bed so early to run before the day gets hot. Me on the other hand, I don't think I'll be getting up that early. Thankfully I have a treadmill.

And you're right, today is a great day!

Candy kankles said...

so awesome! You are motivating me to join that challenge!

Jess said...

Awesome job!!!!! :)

Bonnie said...

I love getting my exercise in, in the morning.....I think I get energy for the rest of the day because of it.....or it's all in my way though don't matter!

LittleMama said...

Good for you girl! Ya know, they say that exercising in the morning revs up your metabolism for the rest of the day. Keep it up! :)