Thursday, October 6, 2011

What to Eat?

This post isn't about dieting. Yes I need and want to talk about food, but not about how to eat properly to lose weight. I need and want to talk about food as fuel.

You all know that I'm at the beginning of training for a May Marathon. I've been searching  online about the proper diet THROUGHOUT my training. I've found sources talking about what to eat prior to the race, but not much about at continuous diet throughout the 30 weeks of training. Most importantly, what can I eat before (day before or day of) that will help me feel good with my runs?

With my past experience with racing (swimming, not distance running), it's important to get good healthy carbs the day before a long run. That makes good sense to me. But what about the other 6 days a week?

I know there is one very important ingredient to a healthy diet and good running diet that I've been missing. Its is....the water. Yep, I've been slacking. I've been slacking A LOT! I know I gotta get my water in and my hydration.

So now, I ask you. I have blog-befriended so many runners, and I really need your help. I need to eat for fuel. Will you please share what you eat to get the best run you possibly can? Any knowledge you are willing to share will definitely help me. Either post on your blog and share the link, or share in the comments. Thank you so much!!

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