Monday, October 10, 2011

New Revelations

Since starting my journey at the beginning of March, I just LOVE sharing what I know with those people closest to me. I'm not one who loves to preach, but I enjoy sharing my experiences to those who listen. I guess that's why I love blogging so much. We share in the journey to become healthier, and therefore we enjoy each other's stories.

Well, I think I've finally got through to my Wonderful Husband. He finally promised this weekend to start tracking what he's eating. I think he's finally gotten a little scared with his weight. We are using Spark People to track our food, and I've changed some things so that we can monitor his cholesterol, protein, carbs, and fats. He PROMISED me that he'd use it.

Well, I got a phone call just after lunch. He was positive it wasn't working properly. He said that there was NO WAY he could have eaten 1500 calories for lunch! I asked him what he had. Here's his list; 4 chicken strips with ranch, macaroni & cheese, and potatoes au' gratin. I had to laugh. I told him that he was LUCKY it was only 1500 calories, and he probably ate more like 2000.

So, I think today my Wonderful Husband had his first realization about how many calories he's actually eating. I just hope that it sticks with him, and helps him become healthier. It's much easier for a couple to become and stay healthy when they do it together.


Diandra said...

Hehe... I wish the BF would listen every now and again. He is (self-admittedly) rather vain, and the weight has started creeping on. I think he is about 30lbs heavier now than when we started dating, while I have lost about 30lbs... hmm... well, anyway, he insists that he gets hungry because his body "needs" the calories, and so he will grab crisps or chocolate when he is hungry instead of going for an apple or something first. (In fact, I cut an apple into pieces every morning and make him take it to work and monitor if he is eating his fruit because I want him to be healthy.) He continues to say, "Oh, I really need to loose some weight", but if I tell him he has to cut back on his calories, he is all like, "But I don'T want to go hungry." - "Honey, you don't have to go hungry. If you'd avoid the heavy snacks, that would be a great start." - "But my body needs the calories!" - "If your body needed the calories, you wouldn't be gaining." - "But..."


His lunch+snacks for work include: A sandwich, an apple, a banana or some trail mix (which I "force" on him so he won't go and buy cake), one portion of yesterday's leftover dinner, a yogurt and a candy bar. For eight hours at the office. He still has cereals for breakfast, a normal (warm) dinner and snacks at home. (My lunch today: A protein bar, some cucumber and carrots and a tomato, an apple, two clementines, two figs - and that is because I have been *really* hungry these last few days!)

Sorry for the rant, I am a bit jealous because of your husband's insight. ^^

sammy said...

It's so much easier if you guys can do it together. Good luck!

Lala Mama said...

I completely understand your hubby, that was my realization as well! That's awesome both of you are tracking together!