Monday, October 24, 2011

Early Morning

Today, I got up at 5am, and went to our new work out area. My wonderful husband asked me about a week ago if I'd start a program with him. He's in dire need of motivation, so we decided to start the Insanity 60 Day Program. We took a TV out to the garage, hooked up the DVD player, took the carpet off our deck and laid it out on the floor. He went out to buy a yoga mat so we both now have one. It's quite a nice little work out area.

Yep, it's one hard work out!!! And, we've only done the fit test! It was nice to have him out there with me. I'm a bit excited about this program, and I know it'll do us both a lot of good. It's also really nice to have someone pushing you.

I'm not giving up on my goal to run a marathon next year. In fact I think this program will be a great kick start here at the beginning of my training. I will have to fix and modify my training a bit. However, since this Insanity program as a basis of cardio, I will be able to focus on building up my endurance.

How's my eating been? (some may ask) Not too bad. I've added in all my soda again, which I'm not too thrilled about. I haven't lost weight, but I haven't gained either. I've got great habits set in place now. However, things will change again. I've made the decision that since starting this program, I won't be drinking alcohol or soda. And frankly, I'm done totally with it. I don't need to drink to have fun, and I hate the way I feel later if I end up having too much. We don't drink at home, only when we're out with friends, And it's not really that important to me any more. I feel good about this decision. In order to stop drinking Soda, on the other hand, is going to take A LOT of work!!!


Sarah from Onmyweightohappiness said...

Great job on you and the hubby working out together!
Soda is my crutch too, I have to have atleast 1 Diet Pepsi or Coke a day, although now lately coffee has been added to my must haves every morning rut roh!

sammy said...

I like the new background!! Giving up soda is such a hard thing to do ... I gave up pepsi max and diet coke in June and I honestly don't think I will ever have it again. In saying that, I do still have an occasional ginger beer - but it doesn't seem to have the same addictive qualities. I'm like you with the alcohol ... I don't really drink at home, but then I go out and drink way too much and feel like crap the next day. Good luck with the Insanity Program - sounds hard!