Sunday, February 27, 2011

Day 0 - Challenge Accepted

I decided I needed a goal. I've sat on my butt for too long, and it's time I worked for something. So I have challenged myself into changing my life. Starting with a strict 30 day challenge. And today I've accepted that challenge. I'm doing this for me!!! I know that I can lose the weight, I've done it before, but more importantly I need to find myself again.
My husband and I signed up for the local Rec Center. It's FULL of everything we need to get in shape. Everything except a decent day care system. But I think I have figured that situation out. Besides, not having a sitter is NO excuse to find 60 min everyday doing something good for ME. There are many avenues and options I can follow.  So, tonight is my last night trying unsuccessfully to use couch osmosis. I will revel in it and take as much advantage as I can, because tomorrow I begin.
I have listed the basic rules, and a simple tracker. I hope that I see many people helping me stay motivated.

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